The Seven Ravens

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The Seven Ravens
Part of the Once Upon An Apocalypse Anthology:
Twenty-Three Twisted Fairy Tales

The Seven Ravens is based upon the Grimm Fairytale by the same name. I’m a romantic at heart, so my story has a happy ending, but there are plenty of stories in this anthology that don’t. This is a fun collection for anyone that loved the original fairy tales.

The Seven Ravens
Once Upon An Apocalypse

The Once Upon an Apocalypse anthology contains fairy tales about zombies. Or, in some cases, zombie stories with fairies, or even fairy tales in which zombies also appear.


Once Upon An Apocalypse is currently available on the Chaosium Inc. website and most major book stores.

 Once Upon An Apocalypse by Celeste Hall Once Upon An Apocalypse by Celeste Hall


From the Publisher

If you’ve never read real fairy tales then you might ask: “Wait, aren’t fairy tales cute stories about talking bunnies and Disney characters?” The answer is yes and no.

Not the old ones. If you never read the Brothers Grimm are you in for a shock! The ‘fairy tale ending’ we’ve come to know is a far cry from what Jacob and Wilhelm were writing back in early nineteenth century. Things tend to end very, very badly for the characters—even the good guys. Not all of the stories in Once Upon an Apocalypse are scary. Some are hilarious, some are tragic, and some are disturbing. However each contains a spark of real magic—that special element separating these stories from others of the horror genre.

In fairy tales absolutely anything can happen. There are no rules and there are few happy endings. These are fairy stories, and they’re zombie stories, and they are absolutely magical.

And we mean that in the least-comforting way possible.

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