The Cat In The Hat

The Cat In The Hat

The Cat In The Hat

Kitty Coven Halloween

A tale of witches and werecats. Nicole is an orphaned witch who has spent most of her life homeless, wandering from place to place in an effort to remain hidden from those who fear her dark gift. But from the moment she stepped foot in Aspire, New York, she felt as if she had come home.
Now her life is being turned upside down by the unexpected arrival of a man from her past. Can he convince her to finally stop running from her fears, or will he be the reason that she returns to the unforgiving highway.

Celeste Hall’s Kitty Coven Series:

Book #1: The Bare Witch Project
Book #1.5 Something Wicca This Way Comes (A Short Prequel Story)
Book #2 Love Is A Witch
Book #2.5 A Yowling Yuletide (A Short Christmas Story)
Book #3 Cheaper By The Coven
Book #3.5 The Cat In The Hat (A Short Halloween Story)

The Cat In The Hat


The Cat In The Hat is currently available in digital from most major bookstores. It can also be downloaded in .pdf or .rtf (Word doc) to read on your home computer, by visiting Smashwords, the first link below.

The Cat In The Hat by Celeste HallThe Cat In The Hat by Celeste HallThe Cat In The Hat by Celeste HallThe Cat In The Hat by Celeste HallThe Cat In The Hat by Celeste HallThe Cat In The Hat by Celeste Hall

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The Cat In The Hat by Celeste Hall



The campus parking lot was packed full, as usual, but there were a few narrow stalls designated for two-wheeled transportation near the entrance to the smaller underground parking reserved for the faculty. She carefully wheeled the scooter into one of the motorcycle slots and started to dismount, when a small red sports car glided up behind her. The school campus usually had a lot of traffic moving in an out, as classes began and ended. So she didn’t bother looking up, until she heard his voice.
“Nicole? Is that really you?”
Shocked, she whirled to face the demon from her past. Then found herself helplessly frozen into silence by the familiar intensity of his sharp blue eyes. The last time she’d met his gaze, she’d seen cold anger and disgust, when she’d wanted to see love and understanding. But he’d grown up a lot since then.


Additional titles in the Kitty Coven Series
It all started on a cold October’s eve in 1954.
That’s when a group of young witches cast a powerful spell that would forever change their lives and the lives of everyone in the small town of Aspire, New York.

Something Wicca This Way Comes
A short prequel story
Using a token offering from a handsome new stranger in town, a coven of young witches cast a spell to make their home a beacon to others of his kind. But magic can be very specific. By the time they discover that he’s a feline shifter, the spell has been set and Aspire, New York will never be the same.

The Bare Witch Project
Book #1
Morgan is the granddaughter of an original Kitty Coven member, but she’s never practiced witchcraft before. She’s also terrified of cats! But when she finds herself facing some of the biggest challenges of her life, she’ll turn to the magic that her grandmother relied upon.

Love Is a Witch
Book #2
Rachel grew up on a small farm on the edge of Aspire. She has always loved animals, but doesn’t feel like there is a place for pets in her new apartment. Besides, she’s too busy trying to keep her brother Matt from making one of the biggest mistakes of his life.

A Yowling Yuletide
A short Christmas story
After being rejected and betrayed by the only woman he’s ever loved, Matt swears off dating completely. He’d rather die alone than have his heart crushed like that again. But the obnoxiously perky redhead that the temp agency sent over will not take no for an answer.

Cheaper By The Coven
Book #3
Heidi loves being free to date anyone she likes and do anything she wants. The last thing she wants is to settle down and be a boring housewife and mother. But she’s finding it hard not to think about the sexy and oh-so-sweet Jerome, even though he has two small children from a previous marriage.

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