All the Queen’s Men

All the Queen's Men

All the Queen’s Men
Seduction Series, Book #5

A Paranormal Erotic Romance

Be careful what you dream…
Syrena was raised by a police man and his wife after she was found wandering the Nevada desert alone as a very young child. That unique bond to the human species nearly destroys her after she reaches maturity and instinctively begins to seek out a mate.
Max is the soldier assigned to Syrena’s cell after her capture by a top secret government facility. He can’t bear to see her suffering, but how can he trust a creature that has the face of an angel, but the wings, speed and strength of a demon?

All the Queen's Men
Fourteen for 2014

I took a necessary medical leave during the last half of 2012 and all of 2013. For that reason, the titles I’d planned to publish ended up getting pushed back and pushed back until here I am in 2014 with fans sending me daily messages asking when they’ll see the next Seduction series book or the inside to covers I’ve leaked onto Facebook.

As a special kind of thank you to everyone that has stayed with me during my long hiatus, I made a challenging New Years resolution. My goal is to publish fourteen titles in 2014. That is more than a title each month! The plan is to self publish one for each month, but to also submit at least four additional titles in the traditional route.

All the Queen’s Men was completed before my long hiatus but was tied up as I had to assure that the publishing rights were cleared. It was previously submitted to a publishing house which folded soon after this story was accepted, so I had to jump through dozens of hoops to assure that the rights were returned to me before I could self-publish it. It seems ridiculous to go through so much when the story was never even published by them, but that’s the way the world works sometimes. I’m happy to offer it now as one of the 14 for 2014 campaign. I hope you enjoyed it and will come back next month for another fun story!


All the Queen’s Men is currently available in digital or paperback from most major bookstores. It can also be downloaded in .pdf or .rtf (Word doc) to read on your home computer, by visiting Smashwords, the first link below.

All the Queen's Men   by Celeste Hall All the Queen's Men by Celeste Hall All the Queen's Men by Celeste Hall All the Queen's Men by Celeste Hall  All the Queen's Men by Celeste Hall  All the Queen's Men by Celeste Hall

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All the Queen's Men by Celeste Hall



Max thought her fear might be great enough to keep her in her place. But after another moment of studying him, she very slowly shifted her weight onto her knees and then carefully got to her feet.
As she stood, her wings rose and delicately folded back against her shoulders to reveal a beautifully sculpted body. If the wings had been covered in white feathers he would have surely thought her to be an angel.
Max maintained his crouched position so as not to frighten her, but he could feel his cheeks reddening as the change in her height now made it difficult for him to keep his eyes above her neckline.
She was built like a heavenly dream, with long graceful legs, perfectly curved hips and a firm stomach. Full, round breasts bounced ever so temptingly as she moved. Drawing his gaze to her nipples, such perfectly sweet little pink morsels that begged to be tasted and caressed.
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