Wow, it’s been quite a year! Due to some personal reasons I haven’t had the opportunity to write as much this year. Oh, I’ve kept myself busy and completed a couple of new manuscripts but they still need some work before I’ll be ready to publish them.

For those of you that are new to my site, I use the same name for multiple novel genres, I’ve tried to arrange them so my readers can find what they want and not stumble into something darker or hotter than they were looking for.

The book titles listed under Romance are romantic adventures that refrain from sex, or keep the sexual encounters “under covers” and out of the view of the reader. They’re mild enough to be read by most readers that enjoy Nora Roberts and other mainstream romance authors.

Book titles listed under Erotica are better categorized as Erotic Romance. The sex is in full view of the reader, but it’s written to be an experience that heightens the reader’s emotional connection to the characters in the book.

You’ll also find some Erotic Suspense novels in the Erotica section, and just like the Erotic Romance the sex is in full view of the reader. But these books have a strong suspense theme as well. The hero and heroine are facing a danger that threatens not only their relationship, but potentially their lives and those they care for as well.

I’ve recently begun submitting a few Suspense Thrillers to publishers, and will be including them in the Suspense section as they start becoming available for sale.

If you’d like to contact me for any reason, the best way to reach me is on Facebook. Even with a smartphone, I don’t check my email as regularly as I check Facebook. 🙂