Seduction Series, book #1
A Paranormal Erotic Romance

Be careful what you dream… Ethan knows that his entire race hovers on the brink of extinction. Strict laws that have protected their species are now being challenged. Laws created to prevent demons and humans from consorting outside of the Dream. But there is something about Madison that draws him – despite the consequences.

A note from the author:

I wanted to write a book about creatures of the night, but it seemed like vampires and werewolves were being done to death.
So, I found a new monster to inspire me.
Stories of the incubus have been around for as long as the vampires, and they were just begging to be told. A creature that actually feeds by consorting with humans, bringing the human to climax, and imbibing both fluid and energy produced. How could it get any more erotic than that?
So here they are, my creatures of the night. I hope you’ll come to love them as much as I now do.

Ethan is currently available in digital or paperback from most major bookstores. It can also be downloaded in .pdf or .rtf (Word doc) to read on your home computer, by visiting Smashwords, the first link below online project planner.

 Ethan by Celeste Hall  Ethan by Celeste Hall  Ethan by Celeste Hall  Ethan by Celeste Hall  Ethan by Celeste Hall  Ethan by Celeste Hall

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Ethan by Celeste Hall


Warning: This excerpt contains spoilers!

Madison felt her breath catch in her throat.
Ethan barely knew her at all, yet here he was not only claiming that he would die for her, but that she belonged to him.
It stirred her emotions in a way that she’d never felt before.
She had grown up watching her parents love each other with such a deep devotion that she was certain they would have willingly died for one another.
They had belonged together, heart and soul, and while they were still alive she had felt as though she belonged somewhere as well.
Yet no matter how many men she had known during her life, none of them had ever come close to making her feel that way again.
Until now.
But this was so much more.
Abruptly she felt tears threatening, and ducked her head in the desperate hope they wouldn’t be noticed.
Her entire body trembled as a lifetime’s accumulation of pent up fear, loneliness and grief were forced out of her by an overwhelming feeling of love and appreciation for the man standing before her.
Even if everything that he had said was a lie spoken in the heat of the moment, all she could think of was how much she loved him for saying it.
The dagger twisting in her chest was now gone, replaced by a magnificent warmth that spread to envelope every inch of her. Down to every fingertip and toe.
It filled the gaping hole in her heart that she hadn’t even realized was there until that moment.
Madison closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around herself, trembling with a desire to feel Ethan’s arms in their place, to feel his strength and courage embracing her, sheltering her from the fear and anger that filled the room around them.
But more than anything else she wanted to be held by him as he told her again and again that she belonged to him, only to him, and that he would die to protect her.
“My god!”
It was a whisper of sound in an otherwise absolute silence.
Madison peeked up through damp lashes to find four sets of wide eyes staring at her in amazement.
With a whimper she ducked her head, wiping at the moisture on her cheeks.
“Madison,” Ethan’s voice sounded almost strangled as he reached out towards her.
She went quickly into his arms, hiding her face against his chest and allowing herself to surrender completely to the warmth and security that he was offering her.
Instantly, nothing else in the room mattered.
She didn’t care who was watching, or that those same people wanted to kill her.
All that mattered was that Ethan was holding her, and that he had said she belonged to him.
“Is it always like that?”
Kye’s voice sounded raspy, almost as if he were in pain.
“Yes,” Ethan murmured against Madison’s hair.
“My god!” Liam whispered again.


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